Unusual Wedding Dresses

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The wedding dress is a symbol of grace and femininity. It is usually characterized by a princess look and most of the times the color of the dress is either white or ivory. However, the classic image of the bride has evolved greatly in the last few years. A lot of modern women can’t identify themselves with that classic princess look which is why they turn to some unusual wedding dresses. It is important for a bride to feel like herself on her wedding day. Therefore, if classic wedding dresses don’t suit you, feel free to choose a more original dress. After all, a wedding is an event which celebrates love not fashion traditions.

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Red wedding dress

This is one of the most unusual wedding dresses that we have ever seen and few women would dare to wear it due to the fact that it has such a controversial color. If you are planning a big wedding with all of your relatives, many who you’ve never even seen in your life, you might want to think twice about choosing a wedding dress like the one featured in the picture above. While this dress is simply stunning, it might draw a lot of criticism from your guests due to its controversial color. However, this dress also has a splash of white and if you wear it with a white veil, you might just pull it off without any criticism.

Unusual Wedding Dresses Picture

Egyptian Goddess dress

This particular dress is not as controversial as the red wedding dress but it still has an unusual model for a wedding dress. This type of dress is best suited for confident women who like to be in the center of the attention all the time. This model can also go great for thematic weddings. Its sophisticated bead embroidery gives it a high couture look which most women find to be very intimidating. Nevertheless, if you are a confident woman looking for unusual wedding dresses, you might want to consider this Egyptian goddess dress.

Unusual Wedding Dresses Picture

1920’s dress

The retro style is very hip at the moment and 1920’s dresses can often make great wedding dresses. We like this particular Great Gatsby inspired dress because it is incredibly glamorous. Although this is not the classic wedding dress model, the sophisticated embroidery lace makes this unique dress an inspired choice for the most special day in a woman’s life. Furthermore, this dress can also go great with a retro Parisian wedding theme.