Vera Wang Bridal Shoes and Wedding Tips for Trendy Brides

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Preparing for your wedding day might seem exhausting, especially if you are on a running out of time and there are still so many things to plan. We recommend you to try to focus only on the important aspects, and forget about paying attention to small details that nobody will notice. Your wedding dress will be the main attraction of the event, but you must also find a pair of shoes that can match your appearance. We advise you to opt for some comfortable Vera Wang bridal shoes that can make you feel precious ans special on your wedding day. After all, you must look better than ever on your special day, so keep that in mind if you want to surprise everyone with an elegant look.

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How to achieve a classy bridal look?

If you want to rise up to the expectations when your big day comes, you should opt for a stylish look that can impress each one of your guests, and that can make you feel amazing. Therefore, we recommend you to forget about the classic bridal look, and opt for combining your white wedding dress with a pair of black Vera Wang bridal shoes. Black and white are very elegant together, so you can be confident that you will achieve a classy look.

Furthermore, adding a black detail to your dress will help you achieve even a greater result. A black accessory can help you highlight your waist, and it can add a modern vibe to your appearance. If you ask your bridesmaids to wear black as well, you won’t have to worry that your aspect will seem out of place. Moreover, opting for a bridal bouquet made from white and black anemones will definitely give you a sophisticated touch, and it will flatter your entire appearance.

Vera Wang’s advice for the brides to be

According to the designer, bridal shoes shouldn’t detract from the dress. Moreover, she advises everyone not to wear shoes that are all covered in glitter, because they risk to obtain a heavy look. Keeping in mind that you shouldn’t be able to see the shoes after putting on the bridal gown, there is no point in wearing extravagant shoes. Therefore, we recommend you to opt for a pair of Vera Wang bridal shoes that can also be used for other occasions. That way you will invest money in something that you can wear more than once.

Vera Wang advises everyone who is about to get married to wear shoes that are practical and comfortable. So, if you are getting married with someone who is shorter than you, you can opt for shoes with a little kitten heel. However, if the man that you are going to marry is taller than you, a platform is the best choice you can make.