How to Wear Wedding Hair Jewelry

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Wedding hairstyles often feature special elements such as braid, curls, buns and so on. These elements are used in various ways in order to create out of the ordinary hairstyles. Nevertheless, if you really want your wedding hairstyle to look sophisticated, you will need not only a great hairstyle, but also some great jewelry pieces. Today, we will teach you how to wear wedding hair jewelry with style. These tips should be known by all women, but since we rarely attend occasions which demand hair jewelry, few of us actually know how to wear this type of jewelry.

How to Wear Wedding Hair Jewelry Picture How to Wear Wedding Hair Jewelry Picture


Most women are infatuated with the princess look which is often associated with the bridal look. As such, it is no wonder that tiaras are the most popular type of wedding hair jewelry. If you want to wear a tiara, you need to rule out the possibility of wearing straight hair on your wedding day as these two elements don’t go well together. You can wear a tiara with loose curls or with hairstyles which are fixed at the back (be they buns, chignons or half up half down hairstyles). The tiara is the main element of the front side of the hairstyle therefore avoid any other sophisticated hairstyling elements such as braids or side ponytails. You can use braids at the back of the hair but not in the front. Last but not least, since the tiara is such an opulent jewelry piece, make sure that the rest of your wedding jewelry is more delicate and subtle. The same rules which apply to a tiara, also apply to embellished hair bands and hair chains.

Brooches, pins and clips

This type of hair accessories can also be classified as jewelry if they feature precious stones and metals. When using this type of wedding hair jewelry, you  must keep in mind a few important aspects. First of all, every woman should know that less is more. Therefore, don’t use too many hair accessories. A few well placed accessories can make a better impact that many, randomly placed hair accessories. Furthermore, this type of accessories should only be used in order to highlight certain hairstyling elements such as the base of a braid or the top of a bun. You can also use pearled bobby pins in order to decorate the whole length of a braid. We also want to advise you to try to match your wedding hair jewelry to the rest of the jewelry. For example, if the hair pieces features stones of various colors, the same colors should be featured in the rest of your jewelry as well.