Be Unique with Vintage Wedding Jewelry

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Of all wedding traditions, the one about the bride wearing “something old, something new, something borrowed, something blue” is one of the most loved ones, and even while the wedding as an event suffers transformations and modernization each year, it stays the same. Moreover, brides have realized they can use it as inspiration as well, for the creation of a unique outfit that will make them unforgettable brides. For instance, if you want to observe this tradition but have no idea where you could get something old that matches into your outfit, perhaps wearing vintage wedding jewelry is the perfect solution.

Be Unique with Vintage Wedding Jewelry Be Unique with Vintage Wedding Jewelry picture

Vintage adornments

Vintage wedding jewelry is romantic and melancholy, and in all fairness it is best suited for the classical white dress; however, you can also adopt a more secular 1920s look, to which opulent jewelry is a good match. This situation is ideal when you can wear heirloom vintage wedding jewelry, such as a brooch or necklace your mother and/or grandmother wore on their wedding days. This gives the family a sense of togetherness and continuity; receiving wedding jewelry from the groom’s part of the family is also important, because it means you have been completely accepted in their hearts and lives, and are considered a family member as well.

Unfortunately, not everyone can receive heirloom vintage wedding jewelry, but this shouldn’t stop you; there are plenty avenues for purchasing, or even just renting wedding jewelry of all types. So if you’d like to wear real vintage diamonds on your wedding day, look to sources for renting at least. Another solution is to go for something “fake”, for good imitations. They will be quite costly too, but they will look amazing and make you feel like a real princess.

Be Unique with Vintage Wedding Jewelry Be Unique with Vintage Wedding Jewelry picture

Making practical decisions

Because vintage wedding jewelry can be expensive, you might want to pick something that can be worn on other occasions as well; thus, while wearing a brooch, necklace, earrings and other accessories together with your wedding gown is perfectly acceptable, you could wear each of them separately with other elegant outfits without seeming too ornate. Good jewelry is timeless, meaning it has good design, and is manufactured well, out of good materials. In fact, jewelry can increase its value as well, so you can look at it as an investment gesture. If you feel like your wedding outfit will be completed by this type of jewelry, don’t hesitate to make yourself happy!