Irish Wedding Favors

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Whether or not you are actually Irish, an Irish wedding theme can be very entertaining. The Irish are well known for their party skills so an Irish wedding should last until the dawn. However, aside from a traditional beverages and food, what else can you do in order to integrate the Irish theme in your wedding? Today, we are going to give you a few ideas for Irish wedding favors which will help you impress your guests without spending too much money.

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All things green

The main color which should define an Irish themed wedding is green. You should of course have some Irish decorations in order to establish the Irish theme. However, as long as you choose a green wrapping, you can choose whatever type of wedding favors you want, even simple favors such as candy.


The clover is the most important Irish symbol and you should use this symbol in abundance in your wedding elements. All types of small clover shaped items can be used as Irish wedding favors. You can even use clover labels and stick them on normal wedding favors such as jars of jam and honey. Clover shaped candles are also an affordable idea. You can even make the candles at home. All you need is some paraffin or wax, green wax coloring products and a clover cookie shape. Heat the wax, color it, pour it in a tray and stick some small candle fuses in it. Let it cool off for about 5-10 minutes, depending on how much wax you used. While the wax is still soft, yet not already cold, use the clover cookie shape in order to cut your candles. Make sure to position the cookie shape in a way in which the candle fuse will be in the middle of the candle.

Celtic symbols

Celtic symbols are a great idea for Irish wedding favors. Not only will these symbols complement your chosen theme but they will also be well received by your guests since they are very popular at the moment. The symbols are best used as medallions or key chains. If you find the right cookie shapes, you might even consider baking some Celtic cookies.

Pot of gold

This is by far the cutest and funniest idea for Irish wedding favors. For this idea, you will need some miniature pots and some small chocolate coins. This is a very original idea and your guests will definitely appreciate your creativity.