DIY Winter Wedding Favors

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If your wedding will take place during the winter, we suggest that you plan the overall event around the winter theme. After all, winter is the most magical time of the year and you can exploit the wonders of this season in order to turn your special day into a memorable event. Today, we will give you a few ideas for winter wedding favors.

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DIY pine cone candles

Pine cone candles are one of the best ideas for winter wedding favors. Furthermore, this type wedding favors are also very cheap and easy to make. The first thing that you need to do is bake the pine cones in the oven for about 5 minutes. The heat will open the pine cones completely, thus allowing you to shake off all the seeds. When the pine cones are cooled, wrap a wax coated string around them. The next step of the process is pretty basic in the candle making field. Heat a pan of water and place a smaller pan within it. Place some paraffin or natural wax into the smaller pan and allow it to melt. You must have enough paraffin in order to be able to dip the pine cones completely in it. You can also use some colored wax crayons in order to color the paraffin and obtain colorful candles. When the waxed pine cones are cooling off, sprinkle some glitter on them in order to give them a touch of Holiday magic.

Snowflake cookies

If you have some experience with baking cookies, you might use this experience in order to give your guests some delicious homemade cookies. Try to find winter related cookie shapes. The easiest ones to find are the snowflake shapes but if you look harder, you can also find other winter shapes such as reindeer, Christmas trees or mittens.

Make your own hot cocoa

A lot of people brag with special hot cocoa family recipes. If you are one of those people, you might want to share that recipe with your guests. In order to make this type of winter wedding favors you will need the following supplies: mason jars, label stickers, ribbon, recipe cards and hot cocoa ingredients. The ingredients must include cocoa, powdered milk and sugar as well as additional ingredients such as mini marshmallows and mini chocolate chips. Put all the ingredients in the mason jar, decorate the jar with the label and attach the recipe card with the ribbon. Make sure that the jars’ label also includes a nice message for your guests.