Summer Wedding Favors Ideas and Other Interesting Wedding Tips

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Wedding favors represent the best way to thank your guests for supporting you on your big day. Therefore, we recommend you to offer them some gifts that can remind them of your wedding day for as long as possible. If your wedding is during the summer, you can opt for some nice summer wedding favors that can surprise your beloved ones in a great way.

Tasty wedding favors

Opting for some delicious favors is ideal for a summer celebration. So, depending on the time that you have, you can choose to prepare some yummy jam using seasonal fruits such as peaches, berries, oranges, and grapes. However, if you don’t think that you have enough time to take care of this aspect, you can opt for other types of homemade favors. Little bags filled with cherries or strawberries will definitely please the eyes of your guests, so you can be confident that they will appreciate these gifts more than anything else. After all, why should you invest money on decorative favors that can only gather dust in people’s homes?

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Practical wedding favors

The most important thing that you must consider when you are planning a summer wedding, is to keep your guests comfortable. The heat can cause many inconveniences, and it can prevent people from having a good time, so you can avoid that by offering them some useful wedding favors. Hand fans are the best choice you can make when it comes to finding the perfect summer wedding favors. Your guests can use them to stay cool, and they can also find them helpful in other occasions.

Hawaii wedding theme favors

Having your wedding during summer is a great opportunity to choose a tropical theme for your big day. Imagine all the nice decorations that you could use to add a great vibe to the event! You can opt for a special wedding cake with a design that could feature a sandy beach, shells, ocean waves and palm trees, and you can choose to offer your friends and family many interesting summer wedding favors. Star fish bottle openers, shells or coconut candles, and bottle messages are just a few of the ideas that you can use in order to surprise your beloved ones.

Unforgettable memories

If you want to surprise your friends in a great way, you can ask your photographer to take a picture of you and each one of them. Then, you can offer them a photo as a souvenir at the end of the night. So, use photo frames as wedding favors, and make pictures with all of your guests. You can be confident that they will be pleased with the idea.