Autumn Wedding Favors

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When planning a wedding, the first thing that you must decide is the date, therefore you must find the perfect season for your wedding. For most people, winter is the most magical time of the year. Others believe spring to be the most romantic season while summer is considered to be the happiest season. However, if you want your wedding to be truly spectacular, you will pick an autumn wedding. For starters, autumn is not as hot as summer nor is it as cold as winter. Furthermore, the incredible color diversity of autumn is a lot more spectacular than the green dominance of spring. Needless, to say, autumn wedding photos will look amazing. In order to make an autumn wedding even more spectacular, you could try to integrate the beauty of this season in all of the elements of your wedding. Today, we will present you with some creative ideas for autumn wedding favors.

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Autumn goodies

What better way to celebrate the sweetness of love with your friends and family than to give them some delicious autumn deserts as wedding favors. If you are skilled in the kitchen, you can prepare some pumpkin pies and encase them in mason jars decorated with rusty labels. Candies apples are also a nice choice for autumn wedding favors, and if your wedding will have a rustic vibe, you can stick small branches in them instead of the usual wood sticks. If you are not a fan of candied apples, you could try caramelized pears on which you can attach a funny message such as” we’re the perfect pear”. If you really want to impress your guests, you can try more sophisticated desert recipes such as maple pumpkin butter. A simple yet interesting idea, would be to give your guests cookies shaped like classic autumn elements such as rusty maple leaves or acorns.

Leafy wedding favors

The easiest way to integrate the autumn theme into any wedding element is to decorate it with some rusty leavers. Therefore, a great idea for autumn wedding favors would be to buy some candles and clear candle holders. Use vintage linen, twine and rusty leaves in order to decorate the candle holders. Furthermore, if you stick some autumn related labels on any wedding favors, you will easily be able to integrate them into the autumn theme. For example, you can give your guests a small bag of coffee and personalize the wrapping with a sticker featuring falling rusty leaves and a cute message such as ” falling for you”.