Long Curly Wedding Hairstyles

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The bridal image is usually characterized by a princess look. Despite the fact that fashion trends have changed over the years, the wedding fashion trends still revolve around that aura of royalty. This is true not only for the clothes, but also for the hair-styling trends. Perfectly curled hair has always been a symbol of utmost sophistication. Despite the fact that nowadays it is straight hair which rules the fashion trends, when it comes to wedding hairstyles, most women still prefer curly hair. After seeing some long curly wedding hairstyles, we understand perfectly why curly hair is favored for weddings. Not only does it look more sophisticated but curly hair can also soften a woman’s features, making her look as innocent as a porcelain doll. If you too are searching for the perfect hairstyle for your special day, you should definitely check out the following wedding hairstyles.

Long Curly Wedding Hairstyles Picture Long Curly Wedding Hairstyles Picture

Brushed back curly hairstyle

This is one of the simplest long curly wedding hairstyles. However, in order for it to look as good as it does in this picture, you will either need very thick hair or hair extensions. Start this hairstyle, by curling your hair with a medium sized iron curled. When all the hair is curled, apply some hair wax on your fingers and comb the front strands of hair backwards with your fingers. When the hair is styled in the desired position, fix the front strands with some hair spray. Apply some hair wax on your fingers again and comb the rest of the hair with your fingers in order to open up the curls. Finish with a lot of hair spray and some shining serum.

Long Curly Wedding Hairstyles Picture Long Curly Wedding Hairstyles Picture

Finger waves

This hairstyle is harder to make since it does not feature classic curls but finger waves. Finger waves are not really associated with royalty, but rather with Hollywood glamour. In order to make this hairstyle, you will need a lot of dexterity and a lot of hair clamps. When tying to style your hair in finger waves, the hair should be about 80% wet. Apply some hair gel to a section of hair, use your fingers in order to style the hair in a C shape and then fix that shape with a hair clip. Next, style that same strand of hair in an opposite C shape until you obtain an S shape. Fix this new curl with a clip and continue to do this until you reach the end of the hair strand. Do this with all the hair, taking it one strand of a time. Next, allow the hair to dry naturally. At the end, remove the hair clips, use your fingers to comb the hair and fix it with some hair spray. Despite the fact that this hairstyle is very glamorous, it can be very difficult to make at home and it takes a long time. However, given the fact that the wedding is such a special event, the time and effort put into these long curly wedding hairstyles is well justified.

But if this seems too complicated for you, try cute short haircuts, and there are still plenty options for a unique bridal hairstyle; You can find a lot of ideas on checkmyhaircuts.com. You will see that you can definitely still apply the finger wave to a short haircut as well, and create a mesmerizing look with retro allure.