Indian Gold Wedding Jewelry

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Indian people have beautiful traditions, especially when it comes to organizing a wedding. They pay lots of attention to each detail that they need to take care of, and they try to add as much value as they can to that special day. However, the bride is the one that draws all the eyes, especially since Indian brides embellish themselves with lots of accessories and jewelry. Furthermore, they have to wear spectacular gold wedding jewelry in order to celebrate their special day.

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Indian wedding customs

A traditional Hindu wedding involves many customs, and it is considered to be sacred. The celebrations can continue for several days, which is one of the aspects that differentiate it by most of the weddings from other cultures. Moreover, the bride’s appearance is unique, as she uses many types of ornaments that are meant to provide her an amazing look.

As we all know, her wedding dress is not white, on the contrary, it features many bold colors and a particular cut. Depending on the location where she was born, an Indian bride can choose to wear a lehenga, a gagra choli, or a saree. However, whatever she decides on, the bridal dress must contain the color red, as it is part of the Indian wedding traditions.

Traditional gold wedding jewelry

The thing that separates a Hindu bride by brides from other cultures the most is the large number of gold jewelry that she wears on her special day. Furthermore, she must wear a special accessory for each part of her body in order to achieve a luxurious look. One of the most common accessories that a bride must have on her wedding day is a necklace that integrates a pendant which is connected to a long chain. This necklace is also known as a “rani haar”, and it has the role to add a sparkling touch to the her appearance.

The gold wedding jewelry that a bride wears throughout her wedding ceremony is also represented by a pair of earrings that usually are shaped like a chandelier. Depending on the model, the earrings can include a small bell hanging from the bottom, and they can be complemented with stud earnings which can offer a perfect balance to the bride’s aspect.

Wearing Indian jewelry also implies using special decorations for the head. Hair accessories add a royal vibe to the way that someone’s looks, so they are perfect for a wedding ceremony. Usually, Hindu brides choose to style their hair by adding a thin chain, which is called tikka, on their hair parting. Hair clips are also used as ornaments. They are called jhoomers, and they can be worn over the temple.