The Main Trends of Indian Wedding Jewelry Sets

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Indian weddings are not only just a celebration of life and love, but like all Indian celebrations, they are a spectacle of color. The traditional Indian bride, unlike western brides, does not feel the need to wear white in order to appear pure. Furthermore, despite the fact that the focal point of an Indian wedding is the bride, her outfit does not express the bride as an individual but an intense feeling of joy, love and vibrancy. The Indian wedding jewelry sets are just as important as the dress and they are nothing if not opulent. However, they too must follow certain trends in order to look good as it is not about quantity but about quality and style. Today, we are going to discuss some trends and guidelines which must be considered when wearing precious Indian jewelry sets.

The Main Trends of Indian Wedding Jewelry Sets


The most important rule, when wearing Indian wedding jewelry sets is to try to find a balance between the opulence of the dress and the opulence of the jewelry set. It is recommended to complement the colors of the precious metals and stones with the color of the dress. For example, if the predominant color of the dress is a warm shade (such as red, pink, dark orange, brown or yellow) the color of the jewelry set’s metal should be yellow or rose. If the dress has a cold shade (blue, turquoise, dark green or indigo), the metal of the jewelry should be silver or white.  The dresses which have borderline colors such as purple or bright green look good with both silver and gold metals. Furthermore, if the dress features a wide variety of colors, it is best if the stones of the jewelry set all feature the same color. If the dress is of a single color (something unlikely to happen), you can play with precious stones of different colors.


Despite the fact that opulence is a major characteristic of Indian wedding jewelry sets, there needs to be some balance in the overall outfit. For example, if you plan on wearing a lot of face piercings, it is best if the head jewelry is minimal. On the other hand, if you will be wearing no face piercings, feel free to adorn your hair with countless necklaces. However, keep in mind that the head and hair accessories, must always match the necklace, especially if the necklace is big. As far as the hand jewelry goes, make sure it blends in the henna design.