High Heel or Low Heel Bridal Shoes?

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Recently, we came upon a very interesting fact that few people are aware of: heels were initially designed for men and not women. This may sound very peculiar as nowadays heels are associated solely with women. Nevertheless, their initial purpose was to make male royalty appear taller and thus more manly. Women only started wearing heel shoes in order to  appear more androgynous. Nevertheless, it seems that nowadays, high heels shoes are an essential part of a formal outfit. However, despite the fact that high heels shoes have been around for ages, they continue to be incredibly uncomfortable. Therefore, are they really the best choice for a wedding or should women focus more on low heel bridal shoes.

High Heel or Low Heel Bridal Shoes Picture

Its all in the attitude!

A lot of women wear high heel shoes because they make them feel more powerful. Furthermore, they make the legs and the bottom look toned. However, no woman needs high heel shoes in order to feel beautiful and powerful. Furthermore, since most wedding dresses are long and cover the shoes, there really isn’t a point in tormenting your feel with high heels, especially if you consider the fact that the wedding day is very busy and exhausting for the bride. Therefore, if you are confident enough in your beauty and your power, you might as well spend your wedding day in a comfortable yet gorgeous pair of low heel bridal shoes.

Does height matter?

If attitude can be mastered, height cannot be conquered just as easily. No matter how much we love low heel bridal shoes, we can’t argue with the fact that a very tall groom and a very short bride don’t look very well in the pictures. High heel shoes can help you eliminate this problem. However, this doesn’t mean that the high heels must be worn all day long. Just keep them on for picture time and a few dances and then slip into your comfortable pair of low heel shoes.


Finding the perfect pair of bridal shoes is complicated enough, without taking into account the height of the heel. Sadly, you can find a wider variety of high heel shoes than low heel shoes. Therefore, if you decided to wear low heel bridal shoes, you might have a hard time finding the perfect pair. Nevertheless, if you start shopping several months in advance, you will definitely manage to find a pair which matches your dress.