Fabulous Lace Bridal Shoes

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Lace is one of the most popular elements when it comes to bridal shoes. Whether it is used on the dress, the shoes or the veil, lace is an element which will always add a touch of delicacy and sophistication. Today, we want to present you a few fabulous lace bridal shoes that will make you want to get married over and over again, only to have the chance to wear them again.

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Farfalla shoes from Aruna Seth

This shoes are a dream come true and they will make any woman feel like a princess. They can be purchased from the official Aruna Seth website and they cost £645.00. The price might seem a little bit spicy but we think it is well justified by the sheer beauty of these shoes. This shoes were initially designed in a high heel style but since they were incredibly popular, they are now also available in kitten heels and in a wider variety of colors. We like this particular shoes because the delicate lace is gorgeously complemented by the glamorous silver butterfly brooches, embellished with Swarosky crystals. They are also very comfortable as they feature the classic Aruna Seth padding which delivers a cashmere feel and a perfect support.

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Vintage lace bridal shoes

Our second favorite pair of shoes can be found on Etsy at the pink2blue store. We were surprised to discover that the details of these fabulous shoes are handmade. They feature a great mixture of vintage lace, rhinestones, pearls and satin. Those of you who are planning a wedding on a budget will be happy to discover that these fabulous shoes only cost $150.00. The downside of buying handmade shoes, is that you will have to wait at about 4-6 weeks before your product is delivered.

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Ivory shoes with flower pattern lace

The following pair of shoes comes from the same Etsy store as the vintage bridal shoes featured above. They are also handmade and feature quality materials such as Swarosky crystals. They are custom made for sizes from 5 to 11. The great thing about these handmade shoes is that they can be customized according to the customer’s desires. For example, you can replace the pearl embellishments with rhinestones or you can add other types of embellishments. These shoes also have a 4-6 weeks waiting time but we think that they are worth the wait, especially since they only cost $175.00. A lot of women would think that a pair of shoes which costs $150-$180 is not exactly cheap. However, keep in mind that lace bridal shoes are a lot more expensive than average shoes since they feature intricate details and luxurious materials.