The Value of Couture Bridal Shoes

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The women’s obsession with shoes is very hard to understand. For starters, you should know that high heel shoes were originally intended for male royalty. Women only started wearing these types of shoes in order to appear more masculine and more powerful. Perhaps some women still feel that size and physical strength matter, despite the fact that we live in a relatively intellectual society. Perhaps the shoe obsession is a relic of our Cinderella dream or perhaps it is simply a perpetual trend. We grow up seeing our mothers in high heel shoes and we start associating heels with the image of elegance and maturity. Needless to say, heel shoes are a mandatory element of the bridal image. No matter the reason, one thing is for sure: the only thing better than a high heel pair of wedding shoes is a pair of couture bridal shoes.

The Value of Couture Bridal Shoes Picture The Value of Couture Bridal Shoes Picture

The importance of wearing precious shoes on your wedding day

Brands are an important element of fashion. Not only does couture represent value, but it also stands for an unique view on fashion. Couture bridal shoes usually feature precious elements such as Swarosky crystals, rare silk, precious satin and so on. With these type of shoes value is determined not only by a brand name but by the actual value of the elements used to create those shoes. A woman feels a lot more special when she is wearing an expensive pair of shoes, not only because she knows how much the shoes cost but because she knows that those shoes are actually precious. Needless to say, the need for precious shoes is even more powerful on the wedding day, which is one of the most special days in a woman’s life. Furthermore, couture shoes have innovative designs so they decrease the chances of wearing the same pair of shoes as another woman.

Try to feel special when your big day comes

Without being shallow, we want to advise all women to wear couture bridal shoes on their wedding day. You can even choose a simpler model which you can wear again at other occasions. Believe us, no amount of jewelry or makeup will make you feel as special as a couture pair of shoes. Furthermore, keep in mind that couture shoes are of higher quality and are a lot more comfortable to wear than cheaper models. We may not be able to explain our obsession for shoes but we can all admit to it. We love shoes because they are part of who we are. Furthermore, as modern Cinderellas, it is our duty to wear precious shoes, especially on our wedding day.