Gorgeous Chiffon Wedding Dresses

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Chiffon is a fabric similar to silk. Its quality depends on the way it is made. It usually contains silk, cotton, polyester, nylon or rayon. It has a delicate wavy appearance and it is commonly used in dresses. Silk chiffon is more expensive than normal chiffon. A lot of silk wedding dresses can also be recreated with the use of normal chiffon and they usually cost about $500 less. The only disadvantage of this fabric is that it does not allow the skin to breath as well as silk does so it can be a little uncomfortable during hot summer days. However, if your wedding will not take place during the summer, you can use this fabric with confidence for your wedding dress. After all, a wedding dress does not have to be expensive in order to be gorgeous. Furthermore, nowadays, artificial fabrics are very well made and they look and feel almost as good as natural fibers. Check out our selection of the most gorgeous chiffon wedding dresses.

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Empire dress with flower element

Although chiffon is commonly used in wedding dresses, it is mostly used in empire models. This is due to the fact that it is very heavy and soft. This particular model caught our attention because it has a very delicate, fairy like appearance. Unlike most empire chiffon wedding dresses, it does is not characterized specifically by a Greek style, but it is a more original model. This dress is best suited for women who are not fond of sophisticated wedding dresses.

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Simple yet stunning A-line dress

A-line dresses are a mixture between empire dresses and princess dresses. They are not as sophisticated as princess models but they are not as simple as empire models either. They highlight the waist in a very nice way and they have a very delicate look. We like the upper part of this particular model because it is very simple yet it is splendidly complemented by the rhinestone waist belt.

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Mermaid dress

The beauty of chiffon wedding dresses is their cool, wavy appearance. This is perfectly displayed in this gorgeous mermaid dress. The dress is simple yet the soft and heavy features of chiffon are great for embracing the body around the tight area in a sensual yet classy way.

As you can see, chiffon wedding dresses can be just as beautiful as silk wedding dresses and they are a lot cheaper. After all, there’s no point in investing a lot of money on a dress which you are only gonna wear once.