Creative Wedding Flower Centerpieces

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Wedding centerpieces are one of the biggest wedding expenses due to the fact that you have to use a lot of natural flowers, preferably roses. Furthermore, you have to hire a professional in order to design the centerpieces. Despite the effort and money that go into the creation of the centerpieces, most of them turn out beautiful yet very generic. Today, we will share a few creative wedding flower centerpieces with you, in order to help you choose the best one for your wedding. Most of these centerpieces are cheaper than the average models and they can ever be done by yourself and your bridesmaid.

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Lemon slices centerpieces

The lemon slice is a great trick which can be used for wedding flower centerpieces, but also for your home vases in order to add a touch of sophistication to a casual family dinner. These centerpieces are very easy to do. You need two vases for each centerpiece, a lot of lemons and a variety of flowers. One of the vases must be about half an inch wider than the other one so that the small vase can fit into the other vase with an inch to spare. Place water in the small vase and place the lemon slices in the spare space between the two vases. As far as the wedding flowers go, choose intense colors such as red, fuchsia or green. It isn’t important for the bouquets of each centerpiece to match each other as the main focus will be on the lemon slices.

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Floating candle centerpieces

The next idea of wedding flower centerpieces requires less flowers and more water. You will need either tall vases or tall cylindrical glasses. Place some small river stones or other similar elements in a vase, fill it with water, add a flower and top it off with a floating candle. This is one of the most simple ideas for wedding centerpieces and can be done by anyone. Furthermore, since there are less flowers involved in the process, it is also a lot cheaper than normal centerpieces. You can even use artificial flowers as they will be in the water and most people won’t be able to tell the difference.

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Hot air balloon centerpieces

The following idea requires a little effort, but the final result is truly spectacular. You will need small baskets, helium filled balloons, plastic nets (like the ones used for wrapping balls) and some ribbons. Once you gather all your supplies, the creation process is pretty simple. If you used plastic nets used specifically for wrapping balls it will be perfect since they will match the shape of the balloon. If you are using another type of nets, you will have to shape them and fix them around the balloon. Attach the nets to a small basket, place a small flower arrangement within the basket and decorate the balloon with one of two ribbons or bead strings. You can also use flower pots instead of small baskets.