Are Fake Wedding Flowers a Good Idea

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Most of the brides have the tendency to invest large amounts of money in their wedding dresses and neglect other important elements that can complete their bridal look. Although the wedding dress is very important, there are other aspects that need to be considered in order to achieve a perfect aspect. Otherwise, opting for things like fake wedding flowers, or cheap bridal accessories can ruin their entire appearance. However, depending on your wedding theme, you can opt for a bridal bouquet made from vintage brooches and luxurious jewelry. You can be confident that it will add a glamorous and sophisticated vibe to your aspect.

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Bridal bouquet trends

If you are worried that your wedding flowers won’t resist to the warm weather, or if you think that your favorite flowers are too delicate to stay fresh throughout the day, you can consider the idea of having a bouquet made from beautiful brooches and bright accessories. Furthermore, asking all your friends and family to send you a brooch, will help you add a symbolic touch to your bouquet, and you will make all your guests feel very special. So, creating your bridal bouquet from vintage brooches can turn out to be a great idea, especially since it won’t fade like natural flowers do. That means that you will be able to keep it for as long as you want.

Alternatives to fake wedding flowers

Although opting for fake wedding flowers for your wedding day can seem like a great way to cut costs, they can’t replace the look or the scent of fresh, natural flowers. Therefore, we recommend you to analyze your expectations, and choose a bridal bouquet that can add a natural touch to your appearance. If you are worried that your budget is not big enough, you can opt for a bouquet made from field flowers like daisies, poppies and wild camomiles. That way, you can be confident that you won’t spend a large amount of money on your wedding flowers, and you won’t have to use money that you were planning to spend on other things.

Silk wedding flowers

Silk flowers provide a more realistic look than other type of fake wedding flowers. Furthermore, they are very lightweight, which means that your bouquet will be very easy to handle and to carry around. Still, they can add an unnatural vibe to your look, so if money are your only concern, we advise you to opt for a bridal bouquet that can contain affordable natural flowers.